How to restore Toshiba Netbook to factory default

Today I got a question from my friend as me how to reformat the Toshiba Netbook to factory default….

The process is very kacang easy. Just follow these few steps:

  1. Switch off the computer
  2. Make sure the power adapter is plugged in.
  3. PRESS 0 (Zero) key and hold it while you press the on-switch button
  4. HOLD until you see the BIOS logo. (around 5-10 seconds)
  5. When the is seem no activity (Still at the bios logo), release the0 (Zero) button…
  6. then you will enter the recovery mode.
  7. follow the steps to recover back to factory default.

2 thoughts on “How to restore Toshiba Netbook to factory default

    1. kheirul Post author

      untuk Toshiba Netbook… memang dah sediakan HDD restore back to factory default… so dia akan reformat dan restore balik netbook tu macam keluar kilang balik…
      Step seterusnya tu adalah restore OS (winxp or win7) balik…. just follow steps seterusnya… cuma segala data dalam netbook tu akan hilang….

      Untuk netbook HP… saya kurang pasti… tetapi kebiasaanyanye untuk notebook HP.. kene tekan key F11 semasa boot untuk restore balik ke factory default…


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