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Online Revolution Blogger Contest

Hey yall

LAZADA’s Online Revolution ( that will take place from 11 November to 14 December 2017. This is so interesting ❤️❤️❤️

Double interesting if uou join the contest. Just answer the Q below

come on!!!! 

a. Do you remember the first product that you ever purchased online? What was it and how was your experience? – SKII

b. Which types of products would tyou prefer buying online? – Baby Product, shoes. Groceries .. anything that possible to buy online

c. What to you love about online shopping? – easy and time efficient

d. Which products did you buy or are you planning to buy on Lazada during the Online Revolution sales? Mamypoko Extra Dry


Baby Aqilah updates

Dah 2 bulan baby Aqilah. Baby gangsta Rayyan cakap. last Thirsday, 9 Nov pergi jumpa Paed kat Hospital. Pergi timbang.. ha kau berat dah 5.05kg gitu. Hahahaha doktor kata ada beeat lebih sikit. 

Dah timbang, amik tinggi, ukur kepala masuk jumpa Paed, doktor consult sikit sikit then kena inject 2 bulan punya imunisasi. Sebelum amik Rotavirus dulu… amboi mkn ubat mcm minum susu. Suka dia sia hisap lg shrink sbb lmbt sampai mulut dia. Lepas tu inject. Amek kau suara dia nangis… nasib baik kejap je

next app bulan depan

pada yg tanya pasal Rotavirus vaksin… yang tu kena bayar sendiri . Kat Tropicana MC dlm RM170++ campur itu ini jdlah RM200.20 tunai