Monthly Archives: October 2008

dah packed dah…………

Finally…. we’ve packed!. Last night, we did the packing together with kids. Both of them busy pulling and pushing bag around. But tonight need to make sure all been packed again. Most important thing to bring is, Flight Iternary, hotel booking voucher , ICs,clothes, swimming suite, bantal busuks and passport. So It might no update for few days from us, as I want to have a break from facing a screen except tv. Oops need to remind my self to bring my embroideries tools.

So guy have nice weekend ye…

It’s Annabelle

look at her… that’s Annabelle. Is she cute? She’s my kiddos junior at their daycare. She calls Afrine, Che-che and Ashraff gor gor (slavemom and oli betul ke I eja ni). She ‘s only 1 plus and very independent. Everytime I saw her, I will touch her cheek and ask her name. She said her name is Shio Mei mei and she will alway sitting near to sliding door waiting for her parent to fetch her. So cute kan

Mee Rebus

Kengkawan… ni la mee rebus yang I buat semalam. Insya’ allah besok I letak resepi dia ok? sbb internet slow la. So you all tgk je la dulu ok? yang pasti mee rebus ni akan jadi satu menu bila I dah bukak kedai makan nanti.

sepatutnya ada tauge and limau kasturi tapi I dah tak kuasa turun bawah pi beli.. lapar nengok mee yang sedap ni. sedap ke, kena tanya Mr husband sbb dia makan 3 pinggan