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Kangkung Goreng Belacan

This is my Kangkung goreng belacan.I am sure , everybody know how to cook this. IT’s very simple. I pound some belacan aka shrimp paste with onion and garlic. later, I heat oil in my IKEA wok, then fry them till fragrance then add some shrimp, stirr till half cook then add in kangkung.add fish sauce and salt. Then Kangkung belacan is served

Steam Fish with Salted Vegie


I know I have shared recipe for steam fish before. but this time, is another version of steam fish. imitation from Nara Sea food.

1 medium size fish – I used sea bass
a thumb size of young ginger – sliced
1 lemon grass – sliced
salted vegie – slice
2 cloves of garlic – sliced
1 red chili – sliced (may exchange with small chile for more umphh)
3 tbps of nampla sauce
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of sugar
3 tbps of plain water

Boil water for steaming.Rub fish with salt.make sure fish is fresh and wash thoroughly because it may smell fishy. I rub my fish with lime.
Place the fish in big plate, and put everything in the bowl . Steam for 20 minutes.

Ready to serve.

Feedback: When we using salted vegie with fish, the fish taste more sweeter and its’ really SEDAP. match it with kangkung goreng belacan

Big Gal and Mama’s boy

Last Nite, my husband went out for Taekwon-Do grading. so kiddos stay with me. So we head to Big Room aka my room to watch TV. So around 10, they seemed sleepy.

My Big gal not wearing any nappy as she claim that she is big gal so ok, I asked to go toilet to shi shi.Well she big enough to handle that, from shi shi to flushing and washing also put on pants. Then she sleep. I thought of putting her on nappy when she sleeping but she still refuse it. So, around 1am, hubby back home, suddenly, I feel wet. OMG she wet my bed . We just changed bedsheet on Sunday. So Mr husband aka laundry man washed it right away inc. the bed protector. Yes or no, big gal you need on nappy tonite (she wasn’t on nappy on Sunday nite) then I put her and my lil boy to their room. While us, Sleep in living hall.

Around 4am, suddenly, Ashraff cried and off course look for me, louder than usual because he couldn’t find us in the big room. What a mama boy, So I called him to sleep with me and off course need to hug him. Betul lah…Mama’s boy