Salam again,

Wow!.. What a very the very kecoh day these few days. Since Iphone 4s was launched, everybody was excited to test and try the most magnificent extravagant gorgeous superb glorious awesome feature Siri by Iphone 4s. With the sexy voice, Siri will answer all your questions on the spot like normal human being. What I can say that, people like us will be accompany by Siri where ever we go from now onwards.

Let’s test and try what Siri can do.

So, what do you thing Siri can do for you guys! Go and grab this cool Iphone 4s now!.

Oh ya… for those who want to participate in the Nuffnang DiGi iPhone 4Showdown Contest, please click this link. And for those want to know more about Digi Iphone 4s plan click here!

3 thoughts on “DiGi iPhone 4SURE SIRI ANSWERS

  1. Sufyan

    weh…. KELENTONG LER…
    Macam mana kau buat sampai Minah Siri ni boleh cakap Melayu….
    Kalau nak tipu pon, agak-agak la bro……
    nih sampai hangit ko kelentong kami semua….


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