HTC Aria Review – The First Touch – Part #1

Alhamdulillah.. I was given an opportunity by Digi and Nuffnang to make a product review about a brand new HTC Aria Android phone which will be available soon in Malaysia market.

I was very the very excited when Nuffnang called me yesterday and they told me that I was preselected by Digi to be among the first users in Malaysia who use the HTC Aria.. happynyeee…  Right now I’ve the rights to gode-gode the gadget for a month before return it back to them lah…

As an IT jerk, I’ll not talk about IT jargons in my reviews but more on end user language as it will be easier to understand. I’ll try my best to write a fair review and I’ll try to zoom in the good and the bad side of the story lah..

So, it will be a kipas plus hentam kind of review. Kalau everytime kipas aja then sendiri mau ingat lah…. or if I hentam aja.. I’m afraid that it will be a bad marketing reputation plak kang..

Ok without wasting much time… This is the FIRST REVIEW for the HTC Aria Android Phone.

Yes.. Lets see what’s is inside the white box. The packing is very compact neat.

These are the items from the box…. nothing much.. The phone, USB cable, adapter, 3pin plug, the earpiece and extra earpiece cover. I was a little bit blur.. where is the installation CD/DVD… tarak beb.. so you have to download from the internet for the driver and application which is called HTC Sync.

Let’s bogelkan the unit.. emm it look so sexy with yellow underwear hehhe…Maybe it took the same color from Digi kot.. sbb tu kuning….  Another thing that I like is the battery… It is a yellow battery not like the other phone batteries which look so blackish and grayish. And not to forget, two slots for SIM card and Micro SD-Card.. From the specs I can see that it can hold up to 32GB of storage… quite huge for me….

Let’s compare the size with my OLD phones… the Nokia 5800 Music Express in the middle and the OLD SCHOOL Nokia 5800. Wah… It getting thinner and thinner compare to the old school one. What I really like about this phone is the design. It matches with everything and it looks elegant, luxurious, but yet simple.

Mana aci compare the phone with the old schools… meh sini compare with other Android phones… Aria is the cutest among of all if we compare with Samsung Galaxy Spica and my wishlist phone HTC Desire. HTC Aria with the 3.2 inches screen compare with HTC Desire 3.7 inches. From the outer exterior… the HTC Aria is very simple with only volume button and power button only.

By looking at the outfit of the phone, what I can say about HTC Aria is this is the phone for the cute n sexy… or a.k.a tepon pompuan ler.. So ladies.. if you want a very nice high-tech gadget to bring along… this phone is very suitable for you. Tapi for the sake of reviewing  the phone… I nak guna gaks even though everybody was saying that this phone for the ladies…. Saya nak guna gaks.. heheheheh……

So guys, this is the first review about the brand new HTC Aria Android phone.. and next I’ll touch more on the specifications of this phone…  so you want to know what is ANDROID smartphone better stay tune for the next review…..


UPDATED : HTC Aria Review – Using the Android – Part #2

8 thoughts on “HTC Aria Review – The First Touch – Part #1

  1. yatie

    since it’s for ladies pekater kasik bini pulak yang godek godek….hehehhe.. boleh tolong reviewkan…

    note: phone yang baru beli nipun belum abis nak godekkan


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