Pizza Vs Asam Pedas for Buka Puasa

Huhuhuh… pizza for the children and Asam Pedas Ikan Merah for us,…. hhhuuuuhh…. these are the terrible combination for the 5th Ramadhan buka puasa.

This a homemade pizza.. the toppings are very simple… pineapples, onions, capsicum, prawns, sausages and not to forget a lot of a lot of cheeeeese

baked for 15 minutes and this what we get. The children loves it very much…..

but for us.. we prefer the kampung style… Asam pedas ikan merah, kailan goreng with prawn and telur dadar…..

close up a little bit…. emmmm looks terrrrriiible isn’t it….

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