Macam mana nak buat tempoyak

Ada request ….. orang tanya cam na nak buat tempoyak. I bukan nyer terror pun.. but sekadar berkongsi idea…

I copy and paste from blog lama jer….

“Anyone know what is tempoyak? Tempoyak made from durian which you need to keep them in Jar for few day untill it turn sour.

Since my husband hantu tempoyak so , I made tempoyak for our supply. We bought durian from Tesco 2kg for RM10. So, back home I peeled the durian(honestly, I hate the smell) keep them in Jar. Make sure don’t over fill because it may explode. believe me because it’s happen to my husband. Normally , this tempoyak can last for years. I use tempoyak to cook Ikan masak tempoyak.

The recipe I got from my sister in-law when I just got married . need to impress my husband though.

Well the picture was taken by pro photographer,aka my husband thanks papa. Well he also posted about tempoyak”

10 thoughts on “Macam mana nak buat tempoyak

  1. big momma

    kalau my version, we put garam sikit and keep in the fridge… our stock boleh cover sampei next 2 years…he he he

  2. Uncle Lee

    Hi, I wonder what it tastes like, but having to keep it a few days? Sounds interesting….
    But I guess better not go to a party after eating, ha ha.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  3. Pak Long

    bagus. Amat kreatif. Pak Long ada kedun durian seluas8 ekar dan mengeluarkan hasil sebanyak 0.5 ton satu hari.Yang reject ada dalam lingkongan 100 kg sehari. Yang ini pak long cadang nak buat tempoyak.siapa berminat jadi pengedar tompoyak, sila kontak pak long.he..he


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