Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Underworld 3

Arrived home around 12:30am last night. Have a great night thanks to Nuffnang again for gave me the complimentary tickets. At first I want to watch the movie with my beloved wife but unfortunately nobody will going to take care Ashraff + Afriena so Yatie have to sacrifices la…..

I reached Cineleisure Mall at around 7:30pm… straight for Maghrib and have a quick dinner with my office mate CikMat… then around 8:00pm we were at the ticket redemtion counter… but it was quiet that time… hahaha.. we were early la…

Then, around 8:15pm Robb dengan hensemnya arrived and setup the booth.. haha… everybody started to queue.. like nak beli nasik lemak panas beb….

I got my tickets .. hahahha.. and lepak-lepaking for a while then around 9pm went into the cinema hall… it stated there HALL 9…. Row I-8….

I don’t know why Cathay Cineplex at Cineleisure Mall don’t have “I” in the row sits.. I search high and low to find the letter “I” .. it was “H” and then next is “J”…. there was no “I”…. I pergi tanya the staff there…and he confidently cakap.. adalah lepas “H” is “I”…. kakakak…. it not only me… but all 14 of us sitting in row “I” kene….

then… we go back to the ticket counter for the replacement.. muahahhahakakakaka

nak tergelak pon ada…. hehe

I don’t want to say much on the movie.. nanti korang cakap potong steam plak…. but anyway.. the film was good… too extreme horror beb… so sapa yang lemah semangat tu…beware!!….

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