Happy Chinese New Year

Look at to the handmade card…. Yang tulisan macam cakar itik tu Ashraff punye sebab dia tulis sendiri and yang lawa Afriena sbb cikgu tolong. Ni hasil dari art class dorang la…. Masa I tengok the card, I am so impress with Ashraff sebab dah boleh tulis nama sendiri… okaylah budak lima tahun punya tulisan..

And the bakul made from angpow to put in the Limau Mandarin… cute tak

Well you could see the bunga-bunga kecik tuh, it’s actually chopstick set which came with table runner…saja I letak to look more Chinese….

BTW, to all my friends yang always being here, especially Slavemom, Karen, Judy, Shirley ,my boss and my colleague Happy Chinese New Year. And Oli, you still celebrate ke Chinese New Year??If yes, Happy Chinese New Year to you…….

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