10th Ramadhan

On the 10th of Ramadhan, we had the special dishes from PAHANG which were The Famous Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak and Ayam Goreng Bende Berlada.

The ikan patin is the ORIGINAL ikan patin bought from tepi Sungai Pahang, Temerloh during our trip back from Cherating. This is not the ordinary RM4.50 per kilo ikan patin which you can buy any wet market in Klang Valley. This ikan patin we bought it RM12 per kilo fresh from the Sungai Pahang and it was freshly caught.

Then we turn the ikan patin into this:

As for the side dish, we have tha Ayam Goreng Bende Berdala……

Thanks to mama for this loveyly cook

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