Late Entry for Nuffnang GPlus…!!!!

If you’re a Nuffnangers and your status is Glitterati.. and you like to attend Nuffnang Events and like to make a lot of fun with Nuffnang…. be a Nuffnang Glitterati Plus today….

but wait……

you must be an active blogger with minimum of 5 posts a month… <—- ek eleeeh… sonang jer nih….

and you have attended 30% of Nuffnang event.. <— oh oh oh….

or you have participated 50% of Nuffnang contests <— ehem ehemmm

You’re applicable to apply…..

Pics by darkbatman

I’ve applied… so how about you!!!!

More info at the Sha, twitter Gplusmy and Facebok GPlusMy.

And…. links to other members…

pssst… kakinakl… saya curik links semua ni dari akak punye post ye.. jgn marah..

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