How to Install Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd & 5th Edition

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For those who used Nokia phones with Symbian S60 3rd Edition and wanted to save RM80 just follow these few steps…


  1. you can do this by using Nokia OVI SUITES
  2. once you have done your backup.. keep it safely


  1. Firstly you need to buy the Garmin Mobile XT from the Garmin distributors. I saw one at Low Yat Plaza. We support only original Garmin from authorised distributors.
  2. If you don’t have money to buy,  you can download the installation files. Where to download? I also don’t know where to download….
  3. Once you have downloaded, unzip it.


  1. connect your phone from the USB connection via ‘Mass storage mode’
  2. From your PC, install “GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50050.exe” then follow the steps until finish.
  3. once finished step 2… continue with “GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe”
  4. then follow with “GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe”
  5. Remove USB connection between PC and phone. When your phone prompted ‘Launch GarminXT’,  just Cancel. Don’t and don’t click ‘yes
  6. From your phone, go to Menu > Settings > Application Manager > Installation files. Install GarminXT.sis file.


  1. These steps for those who has no money. For those with a lot of money don’t follow these steps.
  2. Run GarminXT from your phone at Menu > Application > Garmin. Please follow the sequence and select your preferable.
  3. When prompted to “buy” or “Trial”, select the far bottom options “Connect to a Garmin GPS” or in some cases select “Use other device” then you will get “Where To?” and “View map” screen.
  4. In GarminXT, go to Tools > Settings > About.Write down the  “Card ID”, and  Exit GarminXT
  5. From your PC, (don’t connect the USB to your phone),  run “garmin_k**n.exe” and enter the “Card ID” from previous steps.
  6. Click Generate and copy the codes to Notepad, save it as sw.unl (make sure it is sw.unl and not sw.unl.txt)
  7. Connect back your phone to PC and select “Mass storage mode”.
  8. Copy “sw.unl” to Garmin folder. Usually located at E:/Garmin.
  9. Download the updated maps from or and copy it into Garmin folder. You need to register as member if you want to download the GPS MAP source from… It is free anyway. Copy the “gmapsupp.img” into the garmin folder.
  10. Disconnect your phone from PC.


  1. From your phone, Run GarminXT
  2. Go to Tools > Settings > System > Remote GPS. Change to “Use Attached GPS” by disabling the “Bluetooth GPS”.
  3. Go to Tools > Manage My Data > Map Sets > MapSource. Ensure that all maps are enabled.
  4. That’s all folks….



Please Google for “IMEI to UnitID Converter v1.0″ before executing STEP-5 in the Configuration Setup


Notes: If these steps does not work for you… don’t blame me!!!!

Note: Steps to download and copy maps.

  1. download maps from or
  2. by using your pc, copy the gmapsupp.img into the sdcard/garmin folder
  3. done!


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118 thoughts on “How to Install Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd & 5th Edition

  1. safwan

    otai skalian…tolong skit…aku pkai nokia x6…sume da ok leh jalan…but…bile aku tekan view map…die searching for satelite lame gileeeeeeee…n arrow navigator 2 tnjuk kn aku kt romsey??ngara mane ni??mcm mne??ade stting yg aku trtnggal ke??

    mntak tolong tnjuk aja

    1. Kheirul Mohamed Post author

      for the first time search memang lama giler… bergantung pada keadaan.. kekadang sampai 30 minit…
      tips… pi kat kawasan open area (nampak langit) dan search.. lagi cepat….

  2. ridhwan

    tolong saya wahai kawan2..saya tak dapat buat lah step yang ini:

    5.From your PC, (don’t connect the USB to your phone), run “garmin_k**n.exe” and enter the “Card ID” from previous steps.
    6.Click Generate and copy the codes to Notepad, save it as sw.unl (make sure it is sw.unl and not sw.unl.txt)

    tolong saya!!!!!!!!

      1. kazuto

        Assalamualaikum…adakah perlu install garmin mobile xt mcm step kat atas semula jika menukar memory card HP? minta nasihat & guide sikit….saya pakai nokia c6 and dh install garmin pun & boleh pakai then sy upgrade memory card tapi just copy paste folder garmin dari memory card lama ke memory card baharu but it doesn’t work la bro….then try install balik mcm step kat atas dlm memory card baharu tp bila smpai step nak salin card ID hanya tertera angka ‘0’…adakah ID ini korup ataupun fake ataupun 1 device hanya boleh generate 1 unik ID sahaja?…sebelum ni install kt c6 ni ok ja pakai GPS…ID pn rsnya panjang drpd just angka 0 tu…pls help me bro

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