The Winning Flight Tickets to Hong Kong

Today is really my day for me….

First of all, my beloved wife gave me 2 new branded pants for my birthday presents.. I love you mama… hehehehehe…

Secondly, it is little bit work related here.. my proposal paper to the Board of Management has been approved…. another Alhamdulillah for this…. now can concentrate on the implementation stage only….

Thirdly, the cheering moment of the day when a got an email from Nuffnang regarding our winning trip to Disneyland Hong Kong… this time TRIPLE ALHAMDULILLAH.. PRAISED TO THE ONE AND ONLY GOD…… rezeki tu… this is a really cheering Friday for this year…

Just to recap, last year we won the Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out that was organized by Nuffnang and today the good new that we have being waiting for almost 2 months happened today. you can read our winning post here.

Oh ya… Congratulation to Redmummy also.. She was announced as the best written blog post for Friso Family Day Out post even contest and won the 32 inches LCD TV.

Oh yeah,, almost terforgot…. we still remember about the Fridge Magnet. We are going to give away for free around 10 to 15 Hong Kong fridge magnets for readers and followers. We will come out the posting on how to get the fridge magnet most likely a couple or two weeks before our departure date. So… if you want to get the fridge magnet.. always read our blog…. opps.. lupa plak.. we disclosed the date just for this reason…

Ok lah… wait for our next posting….


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