I Love Weekend

I love last weekend……..WHY???


  1. Wake up around 9.00
  2. spend time with kids
  3. sulking with kids (not kids sulked with me)
  4. no cooking needed
  5. having buka puasa with in laws
  6. bazar ramadhan
  7. happy to see my kids having fun with their cousin(I notice my kids are grown up) without fuss
  8. happy playing sparklers (bunga api) with kiddos (but my kids called it fireworks)


  1. Wake  up around 8.30
  2. went to sewing class
  3. My baju kurung is 50% in progress (waiting to do some beading)
  4. get more friends in class
  5. bazar ramadhan means no cooking needed

I am sure everyone loves weekend. don’t you??

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