Antenatal : 6th Check up

Alhamdulillah.. dah 30 weeks ++ dah. Last Saturday went for 6th check up after 2 postponement. Suppose Jan 2nd, tapi sebab kena pergi event Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out, then a week later, Kheirul not around. Actually boleh pergi sendiri, tapi I need husband to be my side all the times. For now, I won’t drive alone unless kalau pergi tempat-tempat berdekatan sbb takut anything happen.

Dah 30 weeks dah kan…. Last check up punya details as below:

Berat mama : 57.5 – Doctor cakap very healthy and consistent. Healthy? Macam mana I nak nak dapatkan balik berat yang lama? Insya’ allah boleh, breast feeding will help.

Baby: No scanning cos I dah boring scan… but doctor ukur perut, dia ckp baby growth is good.

Perut: Perut macam dah besar, tapi doctor cakap, very cutelah your tummy, tak besar…takbesar??? I dah sakit belakang , tak larat nak jalan tau.

And according to her, skin tone pun tak berubah… hehehe thanks doctor.

So I have another 8 – 10 weeks la kan.. hopefully everything akan berjalan lancar. Insya’ Allah.

Nama baby???thinking of another name… still searching

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