We have been nominated as Most Creative Blog Layout

We have been nominated as Most Creative Blog Layout by Yoyooh.com Bloggers Awards together with 5 other blogs which are:

a. http://cartoonrama.blogspot.com

b. http://nurulism.com

c. http://tothecircus.blogspot.com

d. http://saffawati.com

e. http://sawanila.com

f. http://afiqsays.blogspot.com

These are a fare and square to all the bloggers where we found that all those nominated blogs are very creative and nice looking layout.

Not to forget for our SawaFriends blogs which were also nominated in the different categories which are:

  1. Best Women Diary – http://warunghotmama.blogspot.com (Sue)
  2. Best Women Lifestyle – http://sallzafran.blogspot.com (Sall)

All the best to all… and we are looking to hear the good news….


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