I’m 30 and 1 year

Happy birthday to me…….

(this card is from Kak Eina-thank you)

yesterday,20-10-2008 , I’m 30 years old and 1 year for being a tudung mama. I wore tudung on the same date last year. I do not want to reveal why I’m wearing tudung. When I’m started wearing tudung, some people laughed at me, let it be. I know why maybe I was too sexy last time.Anyway, I made a hijrah and I always pray to Allah to give hidayah to all my family members (pompuan saja ok) to do so.

So , for my birthday, thank you to my husband for romantic dinner (sedap pizza papa masak, mcm domino pizza plak), parent and sisters,Ashraff and Afriena (they sang a birthday song to me), Kak Eina for the nice card, Sue, kak Eda & Suria- my boleved cousin ,Kak ta- my SIL, Eli from Sabah,Nurul – my anak sedara (Happy b’day kak yatie ok not cik yatie), and all people who had wished me Happy Birthday. Semoga saya panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki-ameen.

Birthday present, I don’t know what I want as I have all. handbag? I don’t like handbag, shoes? I have lot of shoes but maybe getting new Adidas but see first, other? I have everything. Husband wanted to buy me camera but no thanks cos I have already. still thinking what I want.

My question?What should I get??

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