Weekend yang paling tak best

Today is Sunday…. lamanye my weekend. This weekend is the paling tak best ever. whta with this weekend??? My husband working. from Friday nite till now (papa bangla pun tak kerja weekend tau). So Saturday I had iftar alone. I just cooked western fried rice which my kids love them so much. The fried rice, I add cheese hotdog, chick nuggett , egg, green peas and red capsicum. 3 pinggan dorang makan (off course I suap ok) while me only had 1 small plate.Today , supposed go to my sewing class to complete my project but looks like have to go after raya because nobody want to babysit my “babies”. For today, I cook Ayam masak sambal, sup kobis dgn fishball (requested by ashraff ) and pengat pisang (ashraff had 3 pcs of it right after his evening shower. So today, kids had their fireworks aka bunga api with their friend , Tze Ann. after that I start cooking , shower those kids and feeding them……….lambatnye berbuka….

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