Sewing Class

Well, well well…. let me update about my sewing class. Today is my 2nd time to the class.

I’ve learn how to sew straight ( a very basic lesson) the most difficult thing is basic embroidery.But I love it because it’s very new thing to me. At least one day I can sew something nice for daughter. Insya’ Allah in next 2 years, I hope I’ll be a goog tailor. It was my dream to be a fashion designer (when I was 16) but off course fund is the problem. Now I have enough money to learn and to have it.Doakan saya ye.

Then what happen to my kids??? I have beloved husband who is so fathering to babysit my kids.But some feedback.

“Honey, why our kids had no shower today?Ashraff told mama that he not shower yet” and my princess no shower at all today, no “costume” change?”

Anyway, you have good reason….Thanks papa, that’s why I love you.

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