Roti Massimo Vs Roti Gardenia

Just a short post…

Semenjak dua menjak roti jenis baru nih keluar dipasaran.. rasernya dah taknak makan yang lain… Kenapa saya suka roti Massimo ni:

  1. Rotinya lembut dan gebu
  2. Hirisannya tebal
  3. Rasanya sudah semestinya sedap
  4. sedap dimakan dengan kopi o pekat yang panas……….
  5. korang plak sambung la…
UPDATE 30 DEC 2011:

23 thoughts on “Roti Massimo Vs Roti Gardenia

  1. MummyAllysha

    Saya pon suke! Semua in my family pon dah terjebak jugak ngan roti nih. But, the thing is tak semua kedai kat Shah Alam nih carry roti massimo. And, dengarnye harga skrg cuma promotional price saja. In future akan mahal

  2. Pro Massimo ·

    “ Massimo versus Gardenia: Why I chose the Former. ”

    Hi, I’m a Malay Muslim myself, and being a bread connoisseur myself (well, sort of because I consume bread rather than rice on a daily basis) I thought I’d share my opinion.

    I for one prefer Massimo’s range of bakery products over Gardenia’s, and here are the reasons why I’m doing so :

    1 ] I don’t believe in the concept of patronizing a certain company because no matter which company I choose to buy products from, someone’s making a profit out of it and that’s just a simple business transaction. I’d rather spend my money on products that really complement my needs than on products made by company which claims to champion the rights of a certain group of people of the public but in reality doesn’t really give back to the community. As a consumer, if I buy products from your company that’s only because I like your products and they suit my taste and I am satisfied with what you’re offering me and I want to experience that again.

    2 ] In my opinion, Massimo breads are fluffier, tastier (they sure know how to maintain their recipes), cheaper (if not the same price as their competitors’) and contains less preservatives (as I believe someone has done a simple home experiment to prove this) than their rival products. Like I said earlier, I’m in this for quality. People want the best value for their money. It’s universal. Whichever bread company makes better breads, that’s the one I’m buying from. This actually reminds me of a funny tweet I’ve came across sometime ago. When asked which is his favorite soccer team, Mufti Ismail Menk humorously replied that he supports the winning team. Well, that makes two of us.

    3 ] Robert Kuok is the richest Malaysian and that’s a fact. Nobody can deny his assets or net worth (USD 15.4 billion as of March 2018). I have a neutral opinion of him as I don’t particularly like or hate him. One may argue that he made his fortune through corrupt business practices, but a better argument would be that he is where he is now because he’s a man with a sharp business acumen. He himself should know better than to put alleged swine DNA into the wheat flour which would eventually be made into bread and then sold in a Muslim majority country. As if Malaysia doesn’t already have a food regulation body for that. America have the FDA and similar to that role in Malaysia we have the JAKIM. If there is even a remote chance that Massimo bread contains even a trace amount of swine DNA, then it is incumbent upon the JAKIM to set up a vigilant task force to investigate and verify such atrocious claim. If not, then let us be reminded that it is wrong to slander another person, be it a fellow Muslim or a non-Muslim. To spread false accusations on someone and seeking to damage the reputation of his or her business is a low blow practice in my opinion, just so you know.

    So in conclusion, I will stick to my choice as does everyone else. At the end of the day I’m the one buying, tasting, eating and savoring my own choice of bread and so it is up to me to choose which one I believe is the best. Nobody is there to point a gun at my head to force me to choose which one to buy. I think we as consumers should take a laissez faire approach to this situation, as getting involved with topics such religion and ethnicity would only make it worse.

    As a side note I don’t think that I’m doing a major crime in choosing a bakery product that suits my taste buds best.

    May the best breadmaker wins,

    Peace and out.

  3. Pro Massimo ·

    If you really want to hear other people’s opinion, then please stop deleting their comments.

    Otherwise don’t put up a comment section.

    People need to speak up and their voices need to be heard.

    1. Yatie

      Sorry dude
      It’s been a while not attending my blog
      Btw, we not deleted ur comment
      We just logged in, just read this comment n just approved it
      Sorry for the delay of ur comment to be approved


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