I have homework

Last Sunday, I still dok layan Jetlag, Ashraff datang..

Ashraff: Mama I got homework

Kheirul: Alamak lupa, Ashraff ada homework

Yatie: Apala papa, esok sekolah baru nak cakap

Pastu I pun check la buku dia punya la banyak homework. so cek punye cek rupanye tu homework during school holiday. so can be done at school with teacher sbb most of the homework is Chiinese. FYI, I learn chinese a lot lately sbb budak 2 org tu belajar chinese and they speak chinese. Tengoklah gambar budak buat homework

tengok la tu buat homework sambil minum susu… hi dah lima tahun still hisap botol….

agak-agak bila dah 7 tahun isap botol lagi tak? but i’ll make sure the homework will done kat proper place

Oh ya, yesterday, his teacher told me that Ashraff kena buat Chinese speech next year during his konvokesyen so this year dorang dah start pactice.Proud of him but dia ada sikit malu la… what should I do?

any idea???

1 thought on “I have homework

  1. Erliana

    Salam…when see your “boy” still drink milk from “botol susu”…I remember my late father story, he was a teacher at primary school. One of year 1 student, so “7 thn la yea umur dia”..everytime break time he asks for permission to go home from my late father..Then he ask why..the boy dont answer..then later the other student told him that the boy want to drink ” botol susu”…malunyeerr dia…


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